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Monday, November 22, 2010

Astro Blogger Template

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adding the AnswerTips Widget to your blog

Recently while surfing across the web, I found a widget called AnswerTips from I don't know how or why I visited that page. But I found the widget useful. After installing the AnswerTips widget if you double click on any word on your blog, it displays the definition for the word. Its pretty useful if you often use words that common readers may not know. To add this to your blogger blog. Go to your dashboard>>Layout>>Add  a Gadget>>HTML/Javascript. Then add this code.

Click Save and you're done!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thesis for blogger - blogger template

This blogger template has been released as a part of five selected blogger templates.

Click Here To Download

Stylissimo Blogger Template

This template has been released as part of five selected blogger templates. This is one of my favourite templates released by ,my favourite design site!

Click Here To Download

Simple Jojo Blogger Template

This template is released as a part of five selected blogger templates.

Click here to Download

Crystal Blue Blogger Template

This blogger template is released as part of five selected blogger templates.

Click Here to Download

Brownline Blogger Template

This template is released as part of the five selected blogger templates. I will be posting the other four soon.
Brownline blogger template comes with a cool in-built menu and 3 columns and 125*125 ad templates too. Its too good to believe!

Click Here to Download

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sexy Bookmarks Bloggerized!

Social Bookmarking is essential for any blog to increase traffic. And if you make it easier for your readers to do it, then you will get tons of traffic. The Sexy Bookmarking Widget will surely help you in that case.
This is a bloggerized, slightly modified version of the original Sexy Bookmarking widget for Wordpress. It's easy to install and looks great. To Install this
1. Go to your Dashboard>>Layout>>Edit HTML
2. Make sure you have checked the Expand Widget Templates
3. Find </head> in your template and add this before it

3. Now find <data:post.body> in your template, this can be found only if you have checked the expand widget templates option. Add this after it.
Make sure you have changed my feedburner address with yours. That's it!

Update: Replace ""  with ""

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blogger releases Tag Cloud!

Tag clouds were something Bloggers needed and blogger released it 2 days ago(25 Aug 2009). Here is how you can install it.
1.Go to your dashboard>>Layout>>Edit the labels widget
2. Under the display option choose Cloud

Your popular labels will appear in a more bigger font than your less popular labels.
If you have more labels and you want to select the ones you want to display.
In the previous image you can see a "Show" section under that select "selected labels" option
A window like this will appear.

Here's how your new gadget will look like

Adding Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools: Blogger

To see  how to add your blogger blog to Google Webmasters tools please click here.
You can proceed if you have already added your site to Google Webmasters tools.
Submitting a site map makes it easy for Google to crawl your site. And thus results
in more traffic to your site.
1.Log in to your Google Webmasters account;
you will be redirected to your dashboard
2.Click on Submit a site map link

3.Now you will get redirected to another page. Click on Submit a sitemap
4.In the dialog box that comes up type in atom.xml or rss.sml

5.Click on submit site map.That's it! Done!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4 New Gadgets from Blogger

Amanda from Blogger Buster has developed 4 new gadgets for your blog's sidebar.

Display thumbnails of your most recent Picasa photos.
Add it now

Share your recent Twitter updates
Add it now

Show your most recent posts, with optional summaries
Add it now

Show your most recent comments, with optional summaries
Add it now
This Recent posts&Comments widgets will be integrated automatically with your templates.Like you can see here

New Updated Post Editor

Blogger released a new post editor on June 26, 2008 and yet people are not acknowledged of this, so I decided to write a post. So to add this, go to Settings>>Basic
and under the Global settings section you can find a

Select Post Editor Option. Choose the updated editor option.

Now save your settings.
This is how your new post editor will look like.
For known issues and features in the updated post editor visit Official Blogger Blog

Monday, August 24, 2009

Adding a Blogger Blog to Google Webmaster

Note:All image viewing links work with JavaScript please till the site is completely loaded..
Adding your blog to Google Webmasters would help you gain traffic as Google indexes your blog very fast. If you are looking for traffic to your blog, this is a necessary step!. So let's do this
1.Go to
2.Log in using your Google account.
3.Click on add a site button
Click here to view image.
4.The following window should appear,enter the URL of your site in the text box
Click here to view image.
5.Then click the continue button
Now you should get a "Your site has been added to your account" message.
Click here to view image
6.If you have already verified any of your sites,the site would be verified
automatically.If not,you can click on the verify button
Click here to view image
7.There are two methods provided by Google to verify your site, but since we do not have File Transfer/FTP in blogger, we will have to use the other method.You can find a chose your method column,if you can't look the image for reference.
Choose "Add a meta tag" option.
Click here to view image
8.Now you'll get a meta code that looks some what like this.[This is mine,yours will
be different].

Now almost all the steps with Google Webmaster tools are over.Don't close the Google
Webmasters window!
Now lets step over to blogger.
1.Sign in to your blogger account
2.Click on settings>>Layout>>Edit HTML
3.Find the head section in your template. For this you can use the "Find"[Ctrl+f]option of your browser
4.Paste this code[The meta tag you got from Google webmaster tools] immediately after the head section.
Click here to view image
Save it.
5.Go to the Google Webmasters window.
Click on the verify button. You're Done!

Friday, August 14, 2009


After exploring blogger and blogger-in-draft, I found something blogger calls Mail2blogger. By enabling this you can mail your posts to blogger and blogger posts/saves them in draft automatically. Let's see how this works, 1.Login to Blogger, Click on settings>>Email&Mobile
Click Here To View Image
2.Under that tab, you'll find an box where you can enter an email address.
Chose any e-mail address, this will be the mail ID to which you should email
your post.
Click Here To View Image
3.Login to your email account and go to compose mail.
Put the mail ID you chose in the send to column, Title for the post as your
"Subject" and the content as your "text".
Click Here To View Image
4.Don't disclose this email ID since anybody who knows the email id can post into your blog using your identity

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Google Indexing My blog very fast!!!

After posting my post about adding a floating "Back To Top(BTT)" Button to blogs, I
just googled the URL and whoa, Google indexed it within minutes. That's why Google always gets the #1 position in my favorites for search engines. I too think you guys should try this out too. After posting try searching the URL in google
Click Here To View Image

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